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Kaolin clay

Known for its ability to draw out impurities, we use kaolin to help clear clogged pores and refine the skin.

Rabot 1745 - Liquid Chocolate Body Mask - 200ml

Liquid Chocolate Body Mask

A deeply enriching home spa treatment

Rabot 1745 - Cacao & Kaolin Clay Thermal Body Mask - 200ml

Cacao & Kaolin Clay Thermal Body Mask

Revitalise circulation with mineral-rich nourishment

Rabot 1745 - Heat Treat gift set

Heat Treat gift set

The perfect gift to refresh and replenish.

Rabot 1745 - Body Works Bundle

Body Works Bundle

Bring the spa to your home.

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Welcome to Rabot 1745, Hotel Chocolat’s beauty-mad sister brand, where we’re as passionate about putting the good stuff on your skin as we are about eating it.

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